Friday, January 15, 2010

Leigh & Luca

Start the new year off with a new look, like our designer scarves by Leigh & Luca of New York. They're the perfect accessory to add something different and fresh to even the most casual of looks.


All the fabric is made on looms that are over 100 years old! Most of their scarves are made with cotton, silk and cashmere; so you're sure to get that soft feel you want in a scarf that's built to last.

Check out this unique print in red-orange, perfect for spring!

Each unique artwork design is done entirely by hand, and with such funky prints they'll go great with any basic top and jeans!

And we sell each scarf with it's own special package which includes the designers' guide to wearing any scarf a variety of ways!

Come in today and see our complete selection of Leigh & Luca Scarves and sign up to be a rewards member!
Angela Miller is located at Alderwood Mall in The Village across from the Apple store! You can reach us at (425) 778-1083
Or shop online at

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